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Happy Friday! Your PowerSeed from the House of Self Empowerment:

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Ruling Planet: Venus

Color(s) of the Day: Rose or Blue

Incense to Burn: Rose and/or Vanilla

Attributes: Love, attraction, beauty and luxury

We are about midway through the waning moon cycle, so hopefully everyone has been staying focused on decreasing and repelling! Today’s energy is ideal for cleaning up any lingering negativity from past relationships. Buy yourself some roses, and place them in a beautiful vase on your bathroom counter. Make a tea or sachet of lavender, rue and lemongrass and add it to your bathtub along with some milk and honey to make it extra soothing and luxurious. Bathe yourself downwards from head to toe, praying for the removal of past heartaches and regrets, and for a clearing of obstacles for your future love. As you allow your body to airdry, focus on the energy of the roses and pray for your love life to be blessed with those vibrations. If you’re single, take this time to create a list of the qualities you’re seeking in your ideal partner, being as specific as possible. Place this list, along with the vase of roses, on your Love Altar. Dress yourself with love and protection products, and take a small amount of your bathwater and toss it over your left should towards the west so the sun will set on everything you’ve removed. After a few days, dry the roses out and save their petals to use for future bath and love drawing work.

Hope everyone has a beautiful and blessed Friday!

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