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Power Seed for Today!

Full Moon Honey Love!

Ruling Planet-Venus

Color-Pink or Red

Attributes-Love, Luxury

As we are approaching the full moon on Sunday the 15th. Here is a 3-day ritual that starts tonight and end on Sunday! Get Excited and Get in Gear!

Items Needed:

  1. 3 tealights - Pink, Red or White

  2. Hibiscus

  3. Catnip

  4. Blue Fag Root

  5. Lodestone Sand

  6. Honey


Taste the honey. Rub a tiny amount of honey on each tealight. Combine the Herbs and Lodestone Sand. Place 1/2 of the contents and 5 drops of honey into a pot and simmer on the stove creating at least 3 cups of tea. As your contents are simmering, grind the other half of your herb mixture into a powder. Sprinkle a pinch on each candle. During the Hour of Venus light the first candle and pour 1 cup of your tea into your bubble bath. Repeat Tomorrow and on Sunday!

*I Sweet and I radiate Sweetness. Sweet Love and Money flows through my veins. My needs and desires are always met. Whatever I desire I always Get. And for this I am Grateful!*

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