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The Power Is Within You!

The Time has come to take control of your life. You can achieve anything you put your mind to. No one dictates your success but you. Look deep inside and learn who you are so that you will know who you are without doubt. Manifestation begins with knowing that the power comes from within.  

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Take a closer spiritual look at what is REALLY going on and take control of


When you feel like your life is moving in a circle and goal accomplishment seems far fetched, is time to take a closer look at what is REALLY going on. When you feel like something is holding you back from maintaing good health, love and finiancial stability, then its time to take a closer look at what is REALLY  going on. The first Step in taking control of your life is understanding that there is some sort of imbalance that need to be fixed. Then the next Step is Taking a Closer Spiritual Look for guidence. 


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Lady Muse

Known to many as True Blessing, Lady Muse is an Ordained Prophet, Teacher and Certified Root Worker.

As an Eclectic Spiritualist and Praticioner versed in many traditions, she utilizes her gifts to enhance and empower the lives of many people. She truly believes if you give someone a fish you only feed them for that day, but if you teach them how to fish you will feed them for a lifetime. 

1-833 LADY-HSE 

1-(833) 523-9473


You Are Not Alone


When you are feeling like there is no hope for your suiutation and you are alone in this world fighting what may seem like a losing battle,grab the extend hand of Lady Muse and get pointed in the right directional path of Success. You will never feel alone again as she helps guide you to connect with your true power source that will create positive life changing opportunities.


Before I met Lady Muse I felt alone and afraid because I did not understand my gifts. She not only helped me embrace my true self but taught me how to master and utilize my gifts to create success in  my life.


Tracy from California



My finances were being drained and I had no job. Lady Muse taught me how to work through the Spirit and create change in my life. I am now working in my field of choice and able to pay my bills and save money! Thank God for Lady Muse!


Tyra from ATL





Lady Muse saw my soul mate in a reading and did love work on my behalf. We are now married and Im still smiling!


Craig from Florida


stop talking



Faith without Works is dead. Taking action to achieve is not as hard as one may think. You dictate your success which is only a Consultation away. House Of Self Empowerment is a place where you can find everything you need to positivaly enhance your life. Connect with those of like minds to grow Spiritualy and Master your Gifts.






















Free Your Mind And Your      Spirit!!



Move forward and have peace of mind. A New Career, A New Home, Love, Family. Take back what is rightfully yours and LIVE! Its never too late.

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