HSE  Hoodoo Psychics

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Ordained Minister, Prophet and Guidance advisor 

I have been fortune to be blessed with such gifts as healing, manifestation, and sight. As a young girl I knew that there were things unique about me. As I grew and tune in to myself I started allowing my inner powers to manifest and guide me to my higher calling. Divination, Tarot readings, Psychic reading are some of the many areas that I am equip in and ready to serve the community.

Victoria Blackfyre Tarot  Reader, Eclectic Spiritualist  with  Family  Lineage

As a gifted diviner specializing in tarot with a long history of seers and workers in my family. I am an eclectic spiritualist with a vast variety of knowledge. Call me for help with love, money, or general readings.

My connections to both old world and new age traditions will better help me to answer your questions that resonate most with you.  I currently perform the following works for clients: Mojo Bags, Spell Soaps, Candle Magic, Poppets, Enchanted Wearables.