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Where's Your Heels?

.1/ 3 I stood silently gritting my teeth together with a forced smile. I didn’t want todisrespect the elderly woman. The elderly woman that just told me that theonly way that a woman can get a man is if she wears high heel shoes. Thesame elderly woman that told me that once you get a man that you have todress yourself up and leave the house to make him wonder. The notion ofsuggesting that you have to allow yourself to become bate to hook a manand play psychological games to keep a man, sickens me.Sadly, the elderly woman was not the !rst or the only woman to makeprofound suggestions on how a woman must present herself in order to get aman and/or have a relationship. In this day and age women continue to gothrough great lengths to attain a man. Anything from, cosmetic surgery,starving themselves, enhancements, suctions, oh and let’s not forgetpersonality changes. All in the name of getting a man. Of course we must understand that this falsehood did not stem from out ofthe blue or transpire during adulthood. No, this falsehood was programedand conditioned in society through the media and tel-lie-vision (television),which inured female adolescence that they have to present themselves acertain way in order to get the guy. What do you mean? Glad you asked. Let’s look at the Cinderella Story. Everyone is familiar with how this storygoes. Cinderella is forced to live with her step mother and step sisters afterher father dies. They work her to the bone, treat her like a slave andCinderella is distraught after learning that she can’t go to the Prince’s ball.However, Cinderella’s fairy godmother magically appears and transition herinto this beautiful swan. To make the long story short, Cinderella is a knockout at the ball, captures the Prince’s attention. She rushes from the ball toprevent from being recognized by her step family and being seen in her rags,only to have left a shoe behind. The Prince retrieves the shoe and makes ithis mission to !nd this woman because he’s convinced that she is the love ofhis life. He !nally !nds her, marry and they both live happily ever after. I must admit that as a child, this was my favorite story and I’m sure that thiswas millions of female adolescences’ favorite story as well. This was one ofthe stories that convinced us that if we presented ourselves a certain way,that our Prince will come and save us from our poor circumstances. And ifyou are anything like me, you wised up and discovered that the only personthat can save you from your poor circumstances is YOU. And if a man is intoyou, he’s going to take the time to get to know what’s in your head and notwhat’s between your legs. If he truly loves you, he will accept your perfectionas well as your imperfection. He will appreciate and value your mind andyour time. So-ladies, there’s no need to play foolish psychological games, ifyou have the real deal. There’s no need to !nd those heels and portray amodern day Cinderella story. No-it’s called valuing yourself, knowing who youare and understanding your worth. Once you allow your spirit to shinethrough that vessel that we call a body, a real man, spiritual warrior, kingand Emperor will kneel to you. So-with all due respect, no pointed toe,heeled shoes that hurt my feet will do the talking for. I got this. Thanks. By L.M Starks

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