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Power Seed!

Day -Friday




Herb/Fruit-Blackberry- Healing, Money and Protection

Greetings! As we are still in this waning moon cycle and in Mercury Retrograde this is a good time to reinforce your protection around your harvest which is a part of spiritual maintenance.


Add Blackberry dried leaves to your money drawing herb mixture squeeze the juice into a small bowl and allow your money drawing herbal mixture to soak for 5 mins in the Sun as you Invoke the ashe (the spirits) of the mixture to fuse together and do your bidding. Allow to dry after and then use 1/2 of your mixture to create a powder by using a mortar and pedestal. Simmer the remaining half on the stove to create a tea for your Spiritual bath. Dress your Money drawing candle with the powdered herbs and light during the hour of Venus while you enjoy your Spiritual bubble bath!


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1 Comment

Marie Mo
Marie Mo
May 27, 2022

Awesome power seed! Great way to kick off my weekend.

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