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Power Seed for Today!

Terrific Tuesday!

Ruling Planet: Mars

Attributes: War, Conflict, Protection, Competition

Color: Red

Back the Hell Up! Condition Powder

As we are in a waning moon cycle, today is a good day to do pest control. Back the Hell Up! After Spiritually Cleaning your house, create this excellent condition powder to keep negative pestering energies from around your space. Back the Hell Up!

Items Needed: * Very Strong fragrance when mixing. Wear a mask to not inhale fumes*

  1. Red Pepper

  2. Bay Leaves

  3. Tobacco

  4. Black Salt

  5. Angelica Root


Grind the above ingredients into a powder as you are praying Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Also speaking to the ashe of the herbs to awaken them for use. From high noon until the Warrior Sun period of the day 3pm allow your mixture to sit in the sun and be endowed with power. During the hour of Mars sprinkle the powder around your property as you pray that Your Guardian Angels continue to be encamped around you and keep all manner of evil away from you. Ase-O! Amen Ra!

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