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Happy Monday! Your HSE PowerSeed:

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

We are approaching the Full Moon on Sat, and hopefully everyone has recovered now that Mercury is direct as of the 21st. Now it's time to DRAW INCREASE CREATE! Start a drawing ritual today and build upon that energy each day between now and the full moon.

Today is ideal for increasing/empowering psychic abilities. When was the last time you cleansed and empowered your divination tools? If your answer was "Never" or "Huh?" then it's time to grab some Sage/Salt/Palo Santo (anything cleansing that is appropriate for your tool). Start by clearing your tools of any lingering energy from past readings - anything that could prevent you from accurately looking into a situation. Once cleansed, select a method for empowering the tool: burn some Master Root mixed with

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