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Power Seed For this Splendid Saturday!

Ruling Planet- Saturn

Color- Indigo

Attributes- Banishing

Stone- Black Onyx

Candle Color- Indigo, dark Blue or Black

Ritual- 3-day cleansing bath ritual

As we are in the last stages of the waning moon and in the final days of the month, this is a good time to let go of things that do not serve your higher purpose. Clear your circle of negativity and anything designed to hinder your progress by keeping you weighted down. Its ok to disconnect from lower vibrations. Gather Basil, garlic, Boneset, Hyssop and Vetiver to Banish negativity and balance your chakras for peace and protection. Use a pinch of the herb mixture to dress your candle. Leave the candle lit in a safe place for 3 days. If you cannot leave the candle lit safely, light it before each bath and snuff it out after. Create a tea with the mixture to pour into your Spiritual Bath. Toss a bit of the bath water towards the West (sun setting direction). After your 3- day Spiritual Bath regimen, wear your Black Onyx.

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